To know whether someone likes you or not is the most difficult thing in this world. According to men, to know what a woman wants is almost impossible. From all the women in the world, I have to say that it’s not that impossible, just open your eyes and notice. Here are some tips to help you out.

Eye Contact:

Have you ever noticed a woman eyes when she talks to you? Notice them because eyes always tell truth. She will glance at you whenever she will get a chance and when you see her staring at you it is not awkward at all but meaningful.  While talking to you, you will see a sparkle in her eyes.


o teri!! lagta daikh liya usnay daikty hoye

Always looking for you:

Unconsciously or consciously she needs you. She tends to ask you for help whenever she’s in a problem. She will try to be with you in projects and activities. She somehow manages to be around you a lot.


kidher hy yeeeee


Jealousy is the biggest hint. If she leaves or ignores you every time you give importance to another girl (or in simple words if you are flirting). She seems to find faults in your all girlfriends (well that would also be because you have a terrible choice) all points to the fact that she likes you.


kehta wo churail rajjo red skirt mein cute lag rahi thi


Always there for you:

Whether you ask for it or not, she is willing to help you at any cost. You can count on her in any situation. Despite the fact that helping you may take away her important time and energy but without mentioning, she will help you with a smile.

sab ho jaye ga


Finds you funny:

She will find you funny even though your jokes are not that funny. She will laugh at your lame jokes and craziness and that will show that she may like you more than you think.


ahahhahahah.. funnnyyyy

Spending time with you:

She will be ready to spend time with you whenever you ask. She will make it to the place even when she is busy. If she likes you, you will be her first priority among friends.

i bss i

Ayii Bsss

Tries to know you:

She will ask you questions like what you like to do in spare time. What are your interests or future plans? What is your our favorite vacation spots? If she likes you she will look forward to know your interests.

ye wo

Perfect for you:

She will try to be the perfect girl just the way you described your dream girl. She will do everything perfect if she’s doing it for you. Anything she gives you like gifts are perfect.

ye kiya dey diya

mujhy ghar roti nai dety, isny gift hi dey diya

Cute Texts:

She will initiate conversations with you and will send you cute messages asking you about your day or anything t make you feel special. After spending time with you she’ll text you about how great her day went and will thank you for your time.



Saving Things:

This may sound odd but woman tend to treasure things that reminds them of you if she likes you. Something you gifted a long time ago or the tickets of the movie where you first went together the weirdest thing would be receipt of bill of the place you both went together.