It feels to be very mesmerizing that the high schools or colleges are finally over and you are about to join a University, that feeling of adulthood and freedom has always been a dream for one. And this is almost the most difficult phase of student life is choosing the right field in your university life according to which you will pursue your career further.

Family Pressures:

Most of the students who didn’t get admission in engineering universities find an escape t o enroll to pursue their family dream of being an engineering in anyway.  While some students come up with only reason that some Mamu or Phupha is in IT field or theirs just hype about technology that’s why.
family pressure

Shattered Dreams:

your dream about freedom and bunks will be shattered right in the first week. As right when you bunk a lecture, their surely be entire paper formed out of it.

Gift yourself a Laptop:

Not because it will look cool having a pc, just cause you will always find university labs occupied and to complete and submit your assignments you need laptop for sure.
pc lab

Scoring Grades:

There is this myth that in semester systems it’s easier to score marks than annual systems. But some don’t understand the distribution of grades and often score low gpa’s.

Coming from a non Computer Science background:

The tragedy for non CS background students, as some students chose mathematics in their earlier school subjects but haven’t even got a slight idea about the topics and moreover if they happen to be biology student ,then the doubt they were living in that they don’t have to look into math’s ever need to be faced with reality cause in each semester there will be a devil by the name of Calculus, that are compulsory to be studied.
ye kon c language hy bhai

All boys class:

Yes most of girls can’t be seen wandering in this department or during the classes as very few dare to study computer science thinking it to be difficult to study.And when they see they don’t believe on their eyes.

Bhai ye hum kis planet pe hein

Bhai ye hum kis planet pe hein

Sudden drop outs:

There is a huge list of students that will drop their CS dreams right after the first semester finishes, they will take admission in some other colleges with different subjects or some chose to get their faculty/ department changed to business or psychology or somehow an easy way out to escape. And in the midst of the dropping students one started feeling more scared by the name of computer Science.

aja tujhy idher se b drop krein

Aja tujhy idher se b drop krein

No Sharing Rule:

No one is going to share their Assignments/ Projects with you cause they think the online submissions or  their logic might get copied and they will score lesser. Considering their treasure might get stolen and always coming the excuse ” I haven’t even started doing it yet either”.
assignment copied

Last Hope:

And right when you are about to complete the degree, the uncle retires who once said just get you degree done and I will get you the job you don’t have to worry about it.

Ye rishtedaroo k chakaroo mein na perna

Ye rishtedaroo k chakaroo mein na perna

Be your own hero:

At the end, for each assignments, projects or tasks you have to trust your instincts during your whole degree. Later a number of interviews with rejections, and suddenly the bubble of jobs waiting  pops. But you don’t have to lose faith if you had gone through the tougher phase, you had surely got some skills it might take time to find a dream job but someday you will get one but the only rule you have to work by yourself.
aaal is well