As soon as the Summer arrives, a new kind of war without the weapons settles in Pakistani Market known as the “Brand Wars”. Colorful catalogs, marketing campaigns buzz, billboards flooded with models posing for clothing brands and foreign shoot TV commercials. These are just the beginning of the Summer collections than later number of back to back exhibitions, various launch events, multiple collections for the same season and for every second reason.
And this brand war has become more of a business with extravagant campaign plans and association of famous celebrities with it as the brand’s face rather than just a seasonal launch of collections. Some of the famous designer also adding neighborhood leading Actress’s Kareena Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez and many more. These are just some of the marketing gimmicks to attract people and making their brand to stand out among the others.
When it comes to talk about benefits in buying these Expensive and Extravagant collections. The designer collections surely has some points to go after them as,

Sleek Cuts
Usually we are so much busy in our daily routines and everyone is not so good at finding good Cuts and searching over the internet what new trends are going to be. These designer lawns got perfect and customized styling with unique cut works.

Every designer have their certain theme which they follow and introduce latest their designs with different geometrical, floral patterns and fresh designing according to the traditional and western wear. Moreover they add fusion of old with the latest trend combinations in their designing which make the women’s to eagerly buy them.

Designer collections got some of the best quality fabric from some of the best textile mills of Pakistan. Their soft and nice fabric adds on to the plus factor to them.

Readily available Saving Time
No doubt such designer lawns are hard on the budget but they actually saves time to struggle for getting the matching dupatta’s, laces and to be stitched on time before the occasion.

Color Combinations
Fashions guru’s know the seasonal combinations and to design them with color combinations that are soothing and appealing to eye in such weather. Moreover with every having wide range of colors for almost every different wearable for every event.
Lawn is considered to be actually the most suitable clothing stuff to our environment. Its more famous for its wear ability in the summer’s as a lighter clothing to beat the heat. And therefore this has become a great opportunity as Fashion designers along with the textile mills collaboration throughout their Summer collections. They are no doubt a great attraction to top notch designs but spending 3000- 6000 PKR merely for only a single season, a lawn cloth which will only be wearable for 7 and 8 times doesn’t seems to be a genius decision.
But who care’s when all is about the competition who is wearing the expensive most and the lust is to show off the designer brand they are wearing.