LACAS Mein Kuch Khaas

Ali Sethi performed live at a sold out concert in Lahore this Friday at LACAS Mein Kuch Khaas.He opened the evening with the famous ghazal sung by Mehdi Hassan “Mohabat Karnay Walay” and proceeded to perfor...

Lahore Music Meet 16

Music Meet, the powerhouse team behind Pakistan’s First Ever Music Symposium, staged the second edition of The Lahore Music Meet  at Alhamra Art Center in Lahore on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016. The two-day ev...

If You Want To Do LOL,ROFL,Haha!!

Every time you log in to Facebook after seeing unwanted ads of YEY WO,DRAWER,GHAR KHAREEDARI and many others.. You watch some video clips which makes your day.. Yes the people which do insane things only to mak...