Childhood is the most pure and innocent time of our lives. For a child it doesn’t matter if they are poor or rich they can find happiness anywhere and everywhere. And 14th of august has always been a big day for all of us and still is. There are many things we used to do as a kid that still put a smile on our faces.


Flags of Pakistan was a necessity and the more flags you had, the more patriotic you were (I hope you get it). Buying bundles of mini flags because you need them to show others.
small flags

Decorating house:

Preparation of 14th august actually starts from 13th, you take all the mini flags with a layi (the flour and water mixture glue) and starts to cover every corner of the roof, windows and doors.

Big flag:

It would be a lie to say we never asked our parents to buy the biggest flag of all in the shop, I mean it was a proud moment when you are the one who have the biggest flag in the neighborhood.
big flag of pakistan

Wearing white and green clothes:

I mean what’s better than being a flag yourself, just kidding. Wearing clothes of our flag color was just another way to show our love for our country.
wear 14 august

Wearing badge:

Does not matter if we lose it the other day we all used to buy badges and wear as if it were a part of our uniform.
flag badge

School functions:

Memorizing different patriot songs and national anthem and singing them on the school function making our family proud.
school 14 august


Ending the day by going out in the night just to watch all the official and non official buildings decorated with bright lights was a treat.
minar e pakistan on 1 august


And last but not the least asking parents to take you out on the night of independence day to catch all the fireworks ceremony on Minar-e-Pakistan giving a perfect meaning to the sight full spirit of independence.