Fashion have no boundary it expands and changes with every passing month. Trends come and go, some fashion trends are left behind whereas some trends come with a new twist. But today we are going to talk about those trends which we think should come back because they were irresistible at their time and will still be same.

Chunari Dupatta:

There was a time when without these chunari dupattas your wardrobe was incomplete. Chunari dupattas would give a new look to a simple shalwar kameez. There bright colors and different designs always catch attention.


Organza Sari:

Saris were famous and you would frequently see girls and aunties wearing them on weddings and functions. Metallic organza saris are stylish and were once in fashion. As fashion changes few things are left in past for good but these saris should have a comeback.




When we talk about overall it is often seen as a children clothing but once it was for grown-ups and they look super chic. Back in 90s overalls were everywhere. They should be brought back because they look good and comfortable.


Crushed Velvet:

Nothing looks more luxurious as velvet and crushed velvet was a successful trend even I remember my mom and aunties wearing clothes of crushed velvets. They looked pretty and lush.


Mood Rings:

Mood rings were a big thing and a technology ahead of its time. Everyone had one of these rings and what’s not to like about it. They looked like a regular ring and its changing color was fun to watch.



Combining comfort with style is totally a win-win situation and scrunchies is one of the examples. We don’t know why they got out of fashion but we have to bring back them.


Spiral Hair Accents:

For a special day spiral hair accent was definitely a good option. They could be part on any hairstyle from simple hairdos to braids.

spiral hair

Flip up Glasses:

Getting two in one thing is the best thing and that’s why flip up glasses were famous. Round glasses are back in fashion and now flip up glasses need to make a comeback.

flip up