Shoes are undoubtedly one of the best things to elevate your outfit. And you might have heard the saying that “With right shoes on a Women can conquer the World”. Yeah that’s right as putting up the right shoes it adds boost in your confidence to perform well where ever you go. Some women love to wear heels, pumps, kittens, flats according to their choices but at times they might ignore the must have’s in favor of their choice. So here is the list of some shoes that are must for a shoe-robe to have to go well with daily routines and to look classic for any occasion as well.

Ballet Flats:

First and foremost to go with the day to day routine and for the tough days at office when you have long distance relation with your desk some days, ballet shoes are a must to have in your collections. They are not only comfortable for a long hectic day but also they go with everything you wear. Well usually we chose to have black flats as they well with every other dress but it would be a good option to add some color that will be delightful on foot. So a nice colored or printed with different patterns from floral to leopard design, ballet shoes are a must.


The Classic Black Heels:

There is no second thought about having the classic black heels in your list. And every one admits that black is just a basic essential that could never go wrong. A 3 inch heel to go around is perfect yet elegant for you complete simple look. Now whether you like it with round or pointed toe it you call.



Cork Wedges:

Many of us really like to wear some elegant heels fused in a  sandal way in the daily routines so the cork wedges are perfect to walk with balance  throughout the day. They go well with dresses and shirts as well.


Cork Wedges

White Sneakers:

Yes, you heard it right white sneakers. if you want to make a statement these days with the trend they are sure to add up in your shoe-robe. But that’s for sure you need to get your cleaning tools ready as they get dirty pretty soon.



Sandals can be a wide choice for you to choose merely whatever color, or design you feel like wearing with the cloths. Metallic’s, white, bright colored sandals are perfect go for the daily routines.