When it comes to travelling a lot of us just go crazy about it, some of the wanderlust among us will take us to beautiful places which are no less than any million dollar experience. Travelling is actually the food of the soul, leaving you speechless, and turning you into a story teller. And we got some of the amazing travelers among us that are exploring and displaying the beautiful of Pakistan to the whole world.   Pakistani travelers are telling us there travelling stories, and sharing their personal experiences of  natural beauty of Pakistan through their photographs and encouraging others to do so as well. These are few of the Pakistani travelers on Instagram that are worth following.

Mobeen Ansari:

This man is an all-rounder, he did every thing with utmost perfection either it is painting, portraying the heroes or taking breathtaking shots and time-lapse of nature and what not. I am short of words now just click below images which takes you to his Instagram and Facebook. Just scroll and check his work and you will be his fan in no time. In short this man is a Master and a pure Artist.

Trying to find our restaurant using starlight #gulmit #Gojal #Pakistan #milkywayphotography

Trying to find our restaurant using starlight #gulmit #Gojal #Pakistan #milkywayphotography

Sailing towards infinity', Indian Ocean, Thatta

Sailing towards infinity’, Indian Ocean, Thatta

Ehtisham Ahmad:

His photography is not limited to one thing, pictures of historical places, people of Pakistan, close up shots of nature and pictures of landscapes leaves you speechless. he posts pictures with a little description about it.

Tanda Dam Kohat Khyberpakhtunkhwa, Pakistan -

Tanda Dam Kohat Khyberpakhtunkhwa, Pakistan –


Abid’s Instagram shows us the great historical architecture of Pakistan with self explanatory quotations. The close up shots showing the hardworking skilled laborers of that time.

"Not through worship dear preacher, only through love you'll find God." -Daagh Dehlavi

“Not through worship dear preacher,only through love you’ll find God.” -Daagh Dehlavi

Usman Zubair:

A 23 year old young lad and a freelance film maker who grabs your attention through the mesmerizing photographs he has gathered through his lens of all the beautiful scenarios of Pakistan.

Neel sar lake, upper swat.

Neel sar lake, upper swat.

Qammer wazir:

He is a freelance photographer who travels around in Pakistan and give us serious travelling goals with breathtaking sceneries.

Camping at Deosai😍

Camping at Deosai😍

Ali Awais:

A visual enthusiast that captures masterpieces of the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan, with amazing views.


‘Sar Sabz Lahore’ Mall Road, service road right beside Atchison College

Mobeen Mazhar:

All in one a Traveler, Trekker, Hiker who just leave you mesmerized by the some of the jaw dropping clicks. Trying to share a little bit of his experiences with us.

Post sunset glow with Mitre Peak - Baltoro Concordia Trek, Pakistan

Post sunset glow with Mitre Peak – Baltoro Concordia Trek, Pakistan

Yasir Nisar:

Having great command in angular shots, and close ups. And some of the sunrise and sunsets shots behind the mountains leaves you amazed of the nature’s beauty.


The breathtaking sunset at Paye meadows. Kaghan valley

Zeeshan Chaudry:

Using the natural lightening, to give it a more original look to the pictures as showing off the real beauty of the places and landscapes.

Autumn in Royal Garden, Altit fort, Hunza.

Autumn in Royal Garden, Altit fort, Hunza.

Moin Khan:

And lastly to mention but not the least. One of the proud Pakistani traveler who is not just sharing his experiences among us but also sharing the beautiful image of Pakistan around the Globe. With a different idea to travel around on a bike. And not only this he invites tourists from all over the World and takes them through the whole amazing journey’s.

Deosai 2015

Deosai 2015