Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s life. It enhances the beauty of a face. We are no expert in our daily lives but surely by avoiding some minor mistakes we can assure to get a more younger and flawless skin. However there are some common mistakes which we make in our daily lives that make our face appear old and dull. And by correcting them you can surely save yourself out.

Excessive amount of foundation:

Foundation is used to give a smooth texture on skin but using too much of foundation can cause it to look flaky and crumbling. This looks like you no longer have a smooth young skin but an old wrinkly one.

Wrong shade of foundation:

The right shade of foundation is important otherwise it looks like a mask on your face. If you apply foundation lighter than your natural skin tone it makes your face look dull and toneless.

Unnecessary quantity of face powder:

Applying too much face powder soak up the moisture of skin and the face appears lifeless and flat. It gives an overall older look on face.

Dark lipstick:

Choosing shade of lipstick close to your natural color of lips gives a younger look. Darker shades cause lips to appear smaller and thin.

Using blush dark:

When you use darker shade they sometimes don’t blend well and it appears to be just sitting on your face. It gives a muddy and dull look on face.

Liner on lower lid of eye:

Applying liner on lower lid presents eyes smaller than their actual size and brings down the features of eyes because of this face looks old.

Not filling the bald patches in your eyebrow:

As you grow old the eyebrows become thin and when you don’t fill in your eyebrows properly and leave bald patches in eyebrows it appears to be old.

Too thin eyebrow:

When you pluck eyebrows make sure that you are keeping the natural thickness of eyebrows. Thinner eyebrows gave an old look.

Darker shade of eyebrow:

Full brow will lift the face and define your features however darker shade will draw too much attention to it and it appears mature than you want.