Nickie Nina showcased their much-anticipated collection “Nouvelle Mariée Vol. II” at the 14 th Edition of HUM

Bridal Couture Week on the 2nd of April, 2017. Launched almost two decades ago, Nickie Nina remains one of the

most coveted and respected fashion labels in the country today and are revered as one of the pioneers of Eastern

Haute Couture.


‘Nouvelle Mariée Vol. II’ drew inspirations from the ornate architectural motifs of European palaces in order to

reinvent Eastern couture by redefining classics in the second volume of  their collection which featured luxurious

brocades coupled with intricate multi-dimensional embroidery while effortlessly embracing the romance of royal

couturiers from time gone by. A roaring success; the runway show at BCW wowed audiences with its meticulous

craftsmanship as the duo brought colours to life by integrating a colour palette which drew on the mystic pastels of

mint green, Pinks, Lilac and Stormy Grey which were highlighted by silver and gold 3D embellishments transitioning

into multi-coloured jewel tones. The famous actor, Sumbul Iqbal Khan walked the ramp as the showstopper for

Nickie Nina.


Nickie Nina remarked that, “Over the years, our affiliation with Bridal Couture Week has grown in intimacy; with

our enthusiasm increasing each year that we have taken part in BCW.” They further added, “Showcasing our

collection at BCW helps enhance our reach as a brand to a wider audience, through HUM network’s global appeal

and influence.”


With specialist cuts that offered the perfect tease and emphasized the collection’s mantra, ‘Nouvelle Mariée’ proved

to be a frontrunner at BCW and the perfect-fit for the powerful woman of today. The main ideology behind ‘Nouvelle

Mariée’ as defined by maestros Nickie and Nina was to ‘Reinvent Eastern couture by rethinking classics, not

traditions.’ Speaking about the important of such endeavors behind “Bridal Couture Week” Nickie and Nina said,


“HUM network’s attempt to further the cause of fashion is very much appreciated by us; and building on our

strengths as a leading couture house, we aim to utilize this platform to the fullest, to perpetuate Nickie and Nina’s

acclaimed creative vision throughout the world.”


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