Pakistan is full of amusement and there is a vacation spot for every type of person whether you are someone who loves to spend time with nature and its beauty or adventurous one who loves trekking or cliff diving, you got everything.

Neelam Valley:

Neelam valley is located of Azad Kashmir. It is a 144 km bow shaped thick forest. Neelam valley’s beauty is not hidden. Everyone knows that it’s the one of the most beautiful places and leaves you in awe. Neelam valley is packed with snow capped mountains, stunning lakes and sceneries.
neelum valley


Swat is a river valley and a regulatory area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Province in Pakistan. Swat is well known as mini Switzerland of Pakistan. It has many tourist attractions like Ushu forest, Mahodand valley and river, Kalam valley and numerous others. Despite what people say swat is a must visit place.
swat valley

Kaghan Valley:

Located in Mansehra district, Kaghan is the most pictorial valley of Pakistan. It also provides a route to lake Saif-ul-Muluk and this result in making it most visited tourist point. In winters the lakes are frozen and land is covered in snow while in summer you have green land and flowing rivers.
kaghan valley

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk:

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk also known as the land of fairies is located in north east of Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The blue-green crystal clear freezing water which is enclosed by huge glaciers completely justifies its title “land of fairies”. No one has ever really seen the queen fairy or the prince but every month, on the 14th night of lunar month, this place’s beauty is indescribable.
jheel saiful malook

Ansoo Lake:

Ansoo Lake is located in Manoor valley. It is about 7 to 9 hours trek from lake is called Ansoo because of its tear-like shape (Urdu word ansoo means tear). There is no place to stay here but some people tend to camp here however even the locals do not recommend that.
Ansoo Lake


The Margalla Hills:

It would not be wrong to say that Margalla Hills is the heart of Islamabad. Margalla hills offer beautiful view of the whole Islamabad city. It is also good for hiking and trekking, bird watching and rock climbing.
margala hills

The Beaches of Karachi and Gwadar:

People often tend to go to northern areas of Pakistan for vacation but the beaches of Karachi and Gwadar attracts you towards them. The water and sand is sure enough to have fun while restaurants near these beaches are cherry on top.