Despite the fact that every student is different there is one thing common in all and that is we all hate exams. Some students start studying month before exams but some start preparing for exams at the eleventh hour and it’s not their fault but circumstances. Here’s what happen with them.

Making schedule

You may start making a schedule a month before exams, giving one chapter to one day. This schedule is compromised to one week giving 2 hours to each chapter but unfortunately you cannot follow the schedule and it all come down to the day before so you consider that you have 24 hour and you’ll study for 20 hours and you’ll ace your exams.


OO subha paper hy

High Stress

When you have a schedule in front of you, you feel a little relax and right at that moment your friend (the one who is going to get 95%) will call you and say “mujhay rona a raha hai mujhay chapter 12 samjh hi nai a raha mai fail ho jaon gi” trust me it is a heart breaking moment because it’s a reality check that you should be studying.


ye leyyy

Time to Relax

After knowing that your class fellows have completed half of the syllabus the situation may be stressful for you so you decide to relax yourself by listening to music and playing a game. But the time will go against you and you waste a lot of time.


Annoying Friend

Your annoying friend who always cheats in exam and is assigned to your next seat will call you to tell you to study half chapters (which are important and difficult) and he’ll do the rest and we will attempt the paper together and will pass it.


Your Teacher Friend

You may go to your friend or may call him/her to teach you the important points because you know they are ready for revision. You insist them by saying “yaar please important points samjha dey teri revision ho jai gi”. But when you are studying, 4 other people will join the group to study and you do everything except study.

group studing

Emotional Breakdown

There comes a stage when you feel like yes this is it I am going to fail this exam. Why do I do this to myself? you may feel like crying and you are angry at yourself but then you realize you still have time to change your future.



You may ask for notes from your friends but of course they also need them so you take pictures and return the notes. Now you are like “bus yeh sab yaad kar loon kafi hai”. But after one hour you’ll start feeling sleepy so you put on an alarm and decides to sleep.


Time to wake up

3 hours before exam you wake up and just read those notes and pray that only the topics you have learnt shall come in exam and the invigilator is lenient and the examiner who is going to check your exams is in good mood.


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