Summer is here and you should be ready to heat up this summer with your fashion. As it gets hard during summers to wear fancy clothes or to accessorize yourself with too much products so it better to add on to the stuff you need to carry along instead of getting too much on. Here’s how you can do that with adding simple essentials in your toe to top list.


First and foremost the summer essential that is a must for your list is to carry a BB cream or sunscreen to look fresh and have a nicer look on your skin rather than putting on too much foundations that would look so greasy or flaky in the summer. BB creams or a good sunscreen can be easily available through market suitable to your skin tone.

Sun Glasses:

With the Bright shiny sun you need to put up with the sun glasses on that can add a modern glamour touch to your simple look. This will also save your eyes from the rays of the sun. It’s your choice your to either go with the round rims to the square frames that would be best suitable to your face cut.


Ripped jeans:

This summer get your favorite pair of ripped jeans and pair them with a shirt and wear any shoe with it heels, flat anything. You can even make your own, pepe jeans are offering customized jeans and we think it’s a good idea.


White Kurta:

Every year you get to see different colors in trends but white is definitely the color of summer every year. White kurta is a necessity this summer because in this excruciating heat white kurta will definitely be in your favor.



Let your shoes make a statement, wear white or metallic sneakers or get a little artsy look with printed ones. Give them a try and you’ll never regret it. They look good with jeans and even dress.


The off-shoulder top:

This summer trends seems like make yourself comfortable. The off-shoulder tops are in trend and many people have already rocked them. Solid color or printed off-shoulder it looks super attractive and fashionable.


A bold choker necklace:

This accessory is everywhere this summer. This 90’s thing is back with a bang. These bold chokers gives your dress a new look and you are ready for special occasion. They are available in different sizes and designs.


Peshawari sandals:

For many years Peshawari sandals were in trend among men but this summer women got Peshawari sandals in their trends. These sandals are easy to wear and a must-have. They are easily available but two renowned brands chaptr13, jootishooti and mochari are celebrating the culture with a new twist.


Mini bag:

You don’t have to carry everything with you just keep your necessary things in a mini bag and you are off to go. These look super cute and easy to carry. Comfort is everything.


Wraps and boxy tunics:

In this heat all of us prefer clothes comfortable clothes which allow us to breathe and no doubt that over-sized boxy tunics are in the trend.