You may have come across some celebrities who just doesn’t seem to age. One of these celebrities would be Mahnoor Baloch. My mother use to recall that in her young age Mahnoor appeared to be among the lead actresses  and still she can be a competition for the current heroines. Her flawless skin never let us believe that she is 46 years old but one thing is for sure that she will never age.


latest photo about 5 days ago in Greece

Everyone wants to look young and have flawless skin. And there are many medications and treatments for example botox, chemical peels, laser etc. for this purpose. These processes are not only expensive but can be also very fatal for life. It seems like an uphill task however it’s not, because there are some natural home remedies, which won’t be hard on your time and money. Well it’s still a secret either Mahnoor is immortal or use’s some miraculous product. Or whether she might also be using one of the remedies.
The most common ingredient for anti aging is Yogurt. Yogurt has multi benefits for our health. But wait, here we are not using it in way to eat but to apply it for some amazing . Yogurt is an inexpensive core ingredient and is easily available everywhere. Yogurt is high in Zinc, Vitamin A,C and also it contains lactic acid in it. Lactic acid helps in generating new skin cells and tightening the pores of skin. Yogurt acts as an antioxidant properties shielding your skin against the deep-seated damage causing wrinkles. Simply applying yogurt on face for 20 minutes and rinsing it with cold water in a routine shows effective results on skin. There are different ingredients which go along yogurt. As oat can be used with yogurt for exfoliation, with lemon it can brightens the skin tone. And can be a very good moisturizer with olive oil.



Mainly it is necessary to have a good diet for a good skin. When you are healthy your skin shows it. Fruits and vegetables and an ample amount of water should be part of one’s diet. One main cause of wrinkles is said to be due to stress. To have a good skin you need to be physically and mentally healthy. Such homemade remedies might not stop you from aging but rather slow down the process giving you healthy and beautiful skin.