There’s been a lot of difference about the idea of getting married among our generation from our previous generations. No doubt our generation is becoming phobic towards getting married.  Earlier the arrange marriages used to be the traditional way, and considered to be a very positive  and approved relation to be in. But now the idea to get married has totally changed. The idea of getting married scares us now. Some of the possible reasons that might scaring our generations to get into a serious relationship by marriage.

Focused in Career:

These days our youngsters consider the real goal to get into the race of becoming successful and priors to reach a good managing position. They don’t consider someone involved into their life a good sign for their career. We are struggling so much  to our own idea of a perfect a life and consider marriages to be a distraction in achieving our goals.

Hiding away from Responsibility:

Our generation is considered to be a very care free one. They are not considered to be responsible enough. They don’t take charge for their own responsibilities. They are not serious about things and delays everything they got to do. That’s why most of the youngsters are afraid of taking the responsibility of getting involved in the serious relations and taking responsibility of the significant other.


Fear of losing freedom:

The most common of all that marriage takes away the freedom. It is considered to be that a person gets caged by tying the knot. Being single gives you the freedom of doing anything you want to do without being affected by someone’s interference. You are not answerable to anyone other than your parents of your deeds being single and it’s something people are not ready to give away by being dependent.


We are always been related to the idea of compromises or adjusting with the significant other family to fit into their norms easily.  Which seems to be difficult to adopt for any individual. And moreover the idea of finding the perfect match gets lost somewhere, the ideal prince charming and princess shatter’s and they had to make compromise with what their parents had decided for them so they not really feel like getting married.

High Expectations:

And most of the genuine reason among them is that people associate their high hopes with the families they are going to be in relation with. The tall dark and handsome guy with the six figured income and the beautiful gorgeous girl, having a MBBS degree, bringing lots of dowry or in the sugar coated way the presents for the whole family and can be able to make a Gol roti, are some of the high end hopes that people have for the new relations. And due to which certain people don’t want to get married because they haven’t find the perfect match yet.